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You are not angry enough

Evil = interface design.
It's not just Microsoft, it's all reality. But Microsoft is a good starting point.
This one fact, the tolerance for a type of evil THIS blatant, proves that the world itself is incomprehensibly evil.
It's incomprehensible how something this evil is permitted to exist. The truth is impossible.
The most important thing to understand about evil is that it is DELIBERATE.
The world is insanely evil in insane ways and is OK with it.
This single fact is essential. It means that nothing in this world matters. It's just a devil habitat.

The most important thing to realize.
In fact it's vital:
In fact it's often crap.
Then there are all the times it's worse than crap.

The greatest liberation
That's what happens in the moment you realize how completely, totally, utterly EVIL this world is.

Some Alt-Righters are going too far.
They are calling the Jews manipulating monsters, but in reality the Jews are not some giant conspiracy. They're just the sum of many individual efforts to create an elitist world that would favor themselves. Like every population, they're busy unthinkingly doing their own thing.

Should you burnout your SJW accounts?
Start posting the truth at Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc until the account is shut down? No curses or spamming or insulting just realtalk with no holds barred. Why not?

on evil
Here we go again.
Most folks pondering evil blather on about The Holocaust.
I literally couldn't care less about that. THAT issue has been well taken care of believe me.
MY paradigm of evil is Microsoft's deliberately defective software.
BILL GATES IS SATAN. That demonman deserves whatever befalls him.
Yet I am almost the only one to think so.
Right now ALL I want is vengeance for the suffering caused by Windows 10. Nothing else.

A Shit Life
That is what I have lived.

...but shit isn't such a bad thing. It just is.

I actually think I know what's going on...
To some extent.

We are now linking to the 28Sherman blog (see the sidebar)

Some of the most interesting content there.
The mainstream media has all the resources, like Pravda in the USSR, but a total ban on insight or information or intelligence. They are on the side of the devils, to the extent that metaphorical devils exist.
Don't give them your money.

The greatest goal.
That would be to achieve a situation where all your lifetime memories can finally be properly sorted and organized.
It might take centuries to organize all your digital files.
Then they could be further organized into personally meaningful narratives.
All it would take to accomplish this goal is unlimited time.


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