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on evil
Here we go again.
Most folks pondering evil blather on about The Holocaust.
I literally couldn't care less about that. THAT issue has been well taken care of believe me.
MY paradigm of evil is Microsoft's deliberately defective software.
BILL GATES IS SATAN. That demonman deserves whatever befalls him.
Yet I am almost the only one to think so.
Right now ALL I want is vengeance for the suffering caused by Windows 10. Nothing else.

A Shit Life
That is what I have lived.

...but shit isn't such a bad thing. It just is.

I actually think I know what's going on...
To some extent.

We are now linking to the 28Sherman blog (see the sidebar)

Some of the most interesting content there.
The mainstream media has all the resources, like Pravda in the USSR, but a total ban on insight or information or intelligence. They are on the side of the devils, to the extent that metaphorical devils exist.
Don't give them your money.

The greatest goal.
That would be to achieve a situation where all your lifetime memories can finally be properly sorted and organized.
It might take centuries to organize all your digital files.
Then they could be further organized into personally meaningful narratives.
All it would take to accomplish this goal is unlimited time.

Straights don't realize just how good gays have it.
Provided they don't live in repressive environments where they can't pursue unlimited mating opportunities.
So much pleasure, without the evolutionary pains that hetero males know only too well.
There's just no way for straight males to easily hook up with equally attractive partners, despite all these scam sites advertising hot singles.

Gays also have outsized effects on the culture.
In the two years I subscribed to Entertainment Weekly, they only had a couple of full-page babe photos (Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman) but hundreds of images of muscled dudes, posing beefcakes and assorted wienerschnitzzles.

Don't get me wrong, I want to encourage male gays as much as possible, as there is a serious male-surplus gender imbalance because of sex-selective abortion and il(legal) immigration.
Anything that causes a shortage of females, like veiled women, male surplus immigration, and obesity, is highly destructive.

Are gays nature's way of correcting this gender imbalance by removing surplus males? I sure hope so.
Unfortunately their tiny numbers won't make a dent in the problem compared to their cultural impact.

Evil has become digital.
However, it's not software that is evil.
Although the almost supernatural stupidity of software IS evil.
That is just an aspect of the real evil: The evil of the computer programmers.

Are ugly minority girls winning beauty pageants because POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?

I don't quite agree with this message.
At the age of peak fertility (late teens/early twenties), non-minority women do look better than any other race of women. No doubt about that. But minority women look better toward the end of their fertile years, better able to withstand the outer ravages of time.
Just my opinion, I'm sure no one will have a problem with that


Favorite aircraft (part one).
Boeing 2707 (early versions)
swing-wing widebody Mach 2.7 airliner (planned for 1970 but never built).
weight: 675,000lbs.
engine thrust: 60,000lbs.
They should have built at least one experimental prototype, despite all the features added that made it too heavy. It would have burned over twice the fuel per passenger mile as a Boeing 747.

Tupolev Tu-160
swing-wing Mach 2 heavy bomber (f.f. 1981, the closest thing to a 2707 that was built).
weight: 606,260lbs.
engine thrust: 55,115.
130 tons internal fuel.

Tupolev Tu-144
Mach 2.2. supersonic airliner.
weight: 455,950 lb.
It made about 100 passenger flights in the USSR before the project was canceled.

The Mig-25 interceptor had a 600 KILOWATT long-range radar.
It was so powerful it was almost unjammable. The Mig-25's radar alone was almost as powerful as the engine of an early World War 2 fighter aircraft. They don't build things like that anymore. Have to admire those Soviet designers working under all those restrictions.
The Mig-25 had air intakes big enough to drive a motorcycle through, and burned a small swimming pool of fuel each flight.



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