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Maximum possible hate
No one has ever hated anyone or anything more than I hate reality's true demons: computer programmers (in order: Microsoft, Firefox, Imgur).
No one or nothing is more deliberately evil. No greater hate is possible.

As you can see we have once again posted content from another site.
And they will soon post some content from ours!
You may have noticed the owners of many websites say "we" when it's just one guy there.
They do that to create the illusion of support and being part of a mass movement.
Here at whatwedontknow we had the insight that all these fake collective voices could easily be linked.
They could be casual/ephemeral links. Long as they do SOMETHING together.
That could instantly make them real collective voices.

Science fiction story setup: All Hell.
Gamma ray pressure held up the star as particle collisions without number approached the end of their hundred-million-year calculation.
Now things began to speed up, eons worth of interactions happening in less than a second. Everything almost happened at once.
As the core imploded like the mother of all catastrophes, escalating forces stimulated a wave of matter creation with an outrageous outpouring of neutrinos.
The supernova blastwave began its unstoppable demolition ascent through the layers of the star at a good fraction of the speed of light.
Some distance away he was looking at his room, maybe not quite in the same reality if common sense was correct, just outside the lightcone horizon.

I just want to take a moment to express how deeply outraged I am at this latest terror attack
What a terrible thing that was! Can you even believe it! My god, it was not deadly enough by a whole factor of a third of a billion.
god i hate this evil evil evil evil evil evil shit planet

Science fiction story setup: G-Day.
The God Test had taken decades of psychological persuasion of the world population. It had been invented by atheists to settle the oldest question once and for all.
Now everyone, or at least over 60.805% of humanity who could be bothered, would pray together for something, anything to happen.
The world was holding its breath.
Would there be a sign in the next hour?
There could be only one answer.

Science fiction story setup: The unraveling of now.
It was finally proven that the mathematical construction of reality had to be unstable.
Too many things could go wrong to make something as elegantly self-referential as mere reality. Perceptual perfection had a price.
"Normal" existence as it had always been known was an exceedingly improbable illusion, a small solipsistic beacon of over-amplified self-regard.
It couldn't last. Logic would slowly appear to fail, the consistent past becoming increasingly bizarre, the future a blind chaos.
But first there would be cracks. Small things would start going wrong first.
Ghosts were meta-anomalies.

Science fiction story setup: Lucid dream.
It was the realest thing he had ever experienced. Too many pillars and walls of endlessly varying windows.
He knew they were enormous buildings, and those things seemed like vehicles. Immense shapes at the top of dark gray towers seemed as if they were part of the sky.
The people looked like nothing he knew.
they were not people yes they were
People were arbitrary combinations of parts.
Everything he had known was miniaturized, a drop in the ocean of reality.

Science fiction story setup: Inside in.
When he finally realized the world was a simulation, everything changed instantly. It was a feeling beyond relief falling into surreal indifference, an abstract state beyond surprise but intensely interesting.
It meant that anything could happen, though nothing had happened yet.
The world was just a stage.
Was he even supposed to be in the play?

Standard trick to solve anything ...
Write the shortest possible article about anything. Then write a new article about the same thing only somewhat better.
Repeat the above until no further change is possible.

Why life on earth is like this.
Multiply a million by a million by a million to get an idea of the complexity of biochemical phenomena. Now multiply that by a million by a million by a million to get an idea of the complexity of physical phenomena.
You could see it as an immense pyramid of complexity. The portion of life on earth we notice is what happens when this pyramid begins to lean sideways.


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