whatwedontknow (whatwedontknow) wrote,

3AM thoughts:

Education is not about teachers, but about simulated intelligence.
In the past, education has been claimed to make people smarter. Now they claim it exposes the "smartness" of the youths that was always there. The truth is it doesn't change intelligence at all.
Teachers need new ways to input information even if the student doesn't care, like being voluntarily hypnotized or brainwashed. Or just extremely powerful new metaphors.


How to make profitable use of joiners and volunteers:
Don't give them money. Get them to start franchised operations in their own areas. The hard part is the first three words.


From time to time, there are news stories of men going on shooting sprees. So far, these have been relatively crazy guys going berserk, symptoms of a dysfunctional society. No political retaliations by almost normal guys with nothing more to lose. Not yet. Maybe not ever.
If it does happen, it will be the result of steady escalation. The current American president seems to have kept the news unusually boring though. A lot of perceived drama with no real change.
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