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Review of Midwest Can spill-proof system:
When I say that the world is deeply, fundamentally evil, what I mean is that society doesn't work.
The following example involves flammable and possibly explosive substances, the kind of thing that happens to me only every other week, if that:
I happened to buy a portable gasoline container at K-Mart, what I thought was called a 'jerry can', but apparently they have never heard of that word at the gas station.
It's a 1-gallon, 'Model 1200 spill-proof system' (EPA#9MDC2P2AABM1) by 'Midwest Can'.
Incredibly, it is not made in China but in the USA.
Many Chinese-made products I bought at K-mart have failed during their first use, including two tire pumps.
At the gas station, I filled the can with almost 1 gallon of regular gasoline
Then I put on the black cap
In the immortal words of Jack Slater, Big Mistake!
The black cap can be screwed on, but it can't be screwed off.
It still felt a bit loose.
The fuel leaked out if the can was tilted even slightly!
Thinking that it wasn't tight enough, I tried to fiddle with the 'child proof' cap, and then there came a cracking sound as a hole appeared in the plastic cap from a breakaway component.
There was STILL no way to tighten or remove the black cap.
One other piece came with the can, a kind of horrible spring-loaded spout thingy.
There was no way to attach the spout to the can with the irremovable cap in place (and probably not otherwise either).
It was physically impossible to seal this huge hole!
Of course K-Mart had already closed by then.
Fortunately I had duct tape to seal the can, but the gasoline loosened the tape.
If the can had fallen over, at least half a gallon of gasoline would have spilled out.
I had to drive home very slowly.
Even if it were somehow possible to remove the black cap (it isn't), the sliding spout is a new mystery
There seems to be no way to use it to refuel a lawnmower, the original purpose of this whole bizarre exercise.
A strong smell of gasoline still pervades the air.
This kind of stupid odyssey happens with the sad regularity of a bad sitcom.
Just last week I was trying and failing to get a 'YouTube' channel to post some of my rants without having to give Google my phone number.

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Worse gas can i ever tried useing in my 80 years i called the can co and they told me the goverment made them use this kind of spout Igerrs Paul


Fucking Livejournal.com is banning comments on this post!!

I know, I sent them two messages about it, but they won't reply. Livejournal has the worst interface in the history of computing, but lately they have been going out of their way to make the experience even worse.

Can't use can w/o spout in place

The black plastic circular insert must be broken free from the cap. It shows this on the paper label on the front of the can, unless the price sticker is placed over it. This is unfortunately NOT a simple jerry can with just a screw-on cap. I only wish it were. It has this darned safety spout which must be used or the cap will leak all over. Now on top of that, your cap can't be unscrewed, probably because of the safety tab which must be squeezed before twisting. All this safety gear is infuriating. Try using a tin snip to cut off both ends of the black plastic safety tab. Then the can may open and you can pop out the circular insert and attach the spring safety spout. By the way, tell the gas station guys who don't know what a jerry can is, that it is named after Germany (jerry) which originated the design. It is in the dictionary, also spelled jerrican. Best wishes, and welcome to the brave new world of safety.

Re: Can't use can w/o spout in place

The same thing happened to me! EVERY TIME I try to pour gasoline in my lawnmower it spills over the side. Most of the paint has been stripped already. It's a miracle the thing didn't go up in flames or blow up because it runs hot.

People that can't read the front label should be kept far away from a fuel container. FYI a jerry can is a metal fuel can that holds 5ga 20oz of fuel. A plastic can is just called a fuel container. Again, you probably should've be using one if you can't get past what to call the thing. You gotta be smarter than the item you're using!

Fuel Can my Midwest Co.

Amazing piece of junk EPA rules or no.
There are just no words to express how bad this design really is.

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